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About us

Dear guests,

We warmly welcome you to our restaurant Didyma, here in Frankfurt-Unterliederbach. We offer a stylish, cosy and stylish environment where you can relax and enjoy delicious with your friends, family, colleagues or special someone.

Our friendly team will guide you through your dining experience and our talented chefs will delight you with fresh Turkish delicacies, for which we use premium ingredients. Treat yourself to specialties such as salads, chicken, lamb or veal dishes, seafood delicacies like shrimp and sea bream, or vegetarian variations. For refreshment we offer fine anise schnapps, Turkish tea and coffee, soft drinks and beer, with plenty more besides. To sweeten the deal, you also have the choice between a range of delicious desserts.

We look forward to you dining with here at Didyma!

Our name

Didyma (now Didim in Turkey) was an ancient sanctuary in Western Asia Minor, and was a major oracle site of the God, Apollo. The Hellenistic Temple of Apollo, in its size in Ionia, is surpassed only by the Temple of Hera in the Heraion of Samos and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus. It is one of the best preserved buildings of Antiquity. In addition to the Temple of Apollo, there were other sanctuary buildings recently discovered, including a Roman theater and the foundations of a temple which is possibly an inscribed Temple of Artemis.